KLF Impact Women Empowerment Program

GOAL: $50,000 per year


Liberia is currently working to rebuild itself after a particularly long and brutal period of civil war that saw it become the poorest country on earth.  80% of the population lives below the poverty line, 14% of Liberia suffer severe poverty- defined as the population living on less than U.S.D$0.50 per day. Liberia Human Poverty index (HPI) rating of 53:/ indicates that more than half of Liberian has a low standard of living. The illiteracy rate is staggering 63% with 73% of women being illiterate, compared to 50% of man. Programs to address the sustainable development need of especially women are very limited in Liberia.

The United Nations world 2009 youth report states that youth make up 25 percent of the global working-age population, but account for 43.7 percent of the unemployed. In Liberia, 65 percent of youth are neither in school nor at work, a situation that can lead to frustration, delinquency and social exclusion. Liberia’s population currently stands at 3,489,072 and is growing at an annual rate of 2.1% with women accounting for 49.4% of the population. However, it is estimated that only 27% of Liberian women are in employed with a greater number of women still unskilled and without employment which often leads to dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, prostitution, teenage pregnancy and social exclusion. A major cause of youth and women unemployment and inaccessibility to entrepreneurship opportunity is lack of empowerment through appropriate training.

KLF Impact women  empowerment program is designed to provide needed sustainable training to women and youth. The intention is to make them self-dependent.  Tailoring, carpentry, auto-mechanic, generators repairs, nursing -aid, computer training are among the entrepreneur skills provided by the program. Additionally, small scale micro-loan program had been found to be very successful in improving the lives of this target group.  This enables woman to join start small businesses which eventually grow to become the major source of income for their sustenance.

The KLF Impact International  believes that women possess enormous potential and are the society’s most important asset and source of energy and innovation. They can make meaningful contributions to the well-being of societies and therefore, it is essential to address  women empowerment in a holistic manner. In this way, empowerment will facilitate their participation in the socio-economic development of post war Liberia, and effective transformation in society will be realized. Additionally, the issues of gender base violent, prostitution, teenage pregnancy and abuse will be addressed through capacity building programs and high level advocacy to national stakeholders.