KLF Impact Social Protection and Foster Care Program (SP&FC)

GOAL: $50,000 per year


The KLF Impact International SP&FC Program  –  seeks to support poor and vulnerable groups which include children, rural women, the elderly and persons living with disabilities – and to attain an improved minimum standard of living in line with minimum social protection.

The Program will also highlight  the issues of gender base violent, prostitution, teenage pregnancy and abuse  through capacity building programs and high level advocacy to national stakeholders. KLF Impact International SP&FC Program will seek to provide social and welfare support to street kids, neglected children and family under threat. Services such as foster care, rehabilitation, counseling, and reunion of street kids with their parents are very essentials to this intervention.

Additionally, public awareness on the Plight of children under threat is considered priority to this program. The challenges post war Liberian children face are poverty and abuse. The four common types of abuse are physical, emotional, sexual and various forms of neglect. Another serious issues confronting Liberia’s development in this context is child labor; including the worst forms of child labor like child prostitution, force labor and domestic slavery.  In line with the provisions covered in the International Labor Organization Convention No. 182 on the prohibition and immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labor, children should only be allowed to do light work in the daytime and out of school-time, or work as a means to express their talents or interests. Interestingly, the number of streets children in Liberia is very alarming. These children need social protection in order to prevent them from being abused by individuals who do not mean well for their future.  KLF Impact International with a strong belief in child welfare and development seeks to raise supports and resources for addressing the needs of abused children in Liberia through strategic social assistance programs.

Program Objectives:

  1. Create the environment free of child abuse and exploitation
  2. Empower children, women, disable, and the poor in society, and give them the opportunities to realize their self worth and potential.
  3. Advocate against social Injustice, child abuse; and seek the protection of women and children under threat.
  4. Stand with communities in poverty, illiteracy, and disease and social injustice.
  5. Give children the opportunities to realize their self worth and potential through foster care and legal adoption.