KLF Impact International Scholarship Program

GOAL: $50,000 per year


The Government of Liberia continues to make important gains in the provision of educational services and infrastructures since stability returned.  However, the effects of the civil conflict continue to hamper access to educational services and shelter for the majority of Liberians especially youth and children in rural and urban slums settlements. The Ministry of Gender and Development in January 2016 reported that 86.9% of Liberian girl’s children and 87.2% of boys between the ages of 6-9 have no primary education, while 43.8% of girls and 42.2% of boys between the ages of 10 – 14 also have no primary education. Literacy rates for women in rural areas are staggeringly low at 26%, compared to 61% for urban women and 60% and 86% for rural and urban men, respectively. The gender gap in secondary school attendance is particularly high in the rural areas with a low 6% net attendance ratio for females and 13% for males.  These are indicators that the challenge for achieving primary education for children less than 15 years of age in Liberia is still enormous. The KLF Impact International considers the education of this age group as priority to the sustainability of post war Liberia’s sociology-economic development. Therefore, KL Foundation embarks on initiatives that address the educational needs of children through the provision scholarship to rural settlements and urban slums children. Every year, and through partnership with good will individuals let you, the foundation provides scholarship assistance to needed girls and boys to attend academic school. Your donation or contribution of $200.00 United Dollars to our scholarship fund, will help keep a impoverished  child in school for one academic year in Liberia, west Africa.