KLF Impact International Health Program

GOAL: $50,000 per year


The KL Foundation Community Health Program is designed in consultation with key representatives from target catchment communities, comprising of opinion leaders, youth and student groups, and women, tribal and religious groups. Its intervention emphasis is on curative and preventive health services, maternal and new born care, family planning, management and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, expanded program on immunization, treatment of malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, mal-nutrition management and other curable diseases.

Additionally, community awareness on HIV/Aids, malaria, diabetes, hypertension and hygiene promotion through an effective water and sanitation program characterized the foundation’s preventive health program.

Since the return of stability and improvement in governance in Liberia, there has been great progress in economic growth, domestic and foreign direct investments, followed by important gains in the delivery of primary health care services. Nevertheless, the adverse effects of prolonged economic and social collapse continue to hamper access to adequate health care, safe drinking water and sanitation service to the majority of urban slums and rural populations.

Many international NGOs have left following the conclusion of their humanitarian assistance programs, while rural community and urban slums health facilities remain handicapped by the effects of long-term conflict, the overall lack of capacity and little support to the health system.

KL Foundation with its current program policy rooted in holistic development for the well being of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities seeks to provide strategic health intervention to needed communities.  These interventions will be community directed in order to ensure sustainability after the donor funding period. KL Foundation Community Health programs are geared toward supporting the National Health Plan and Policy of Liberia. Partnership with the Central Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and different county health teams is considered a priority in meeting this program objective.


  • To provide low and affordable health care to communities without the means or access in Liberia.
  • To immunize women and children against deadly preventive diseases.
  • To partner with local communities and international donors in the prevention of life threatening diseases, such as malaria, HIV, diarrhea, diabetes and hypertension.
  • To work with rural communities in the promotion of hygiene and sanitation , and improving the quality of life.


  1. KFL Community Women’s Health Education and Awareness Project
  2. Communities Hygiene and Sanitation Awareness and Education Project
  3. Community Diabetes and Hypertension Awareness and Education Project
  4. Golden Age Behavior Health Project
  5. Medical Outreach Project

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