What is KLF Community Health Center

Out of a concern for those who cannot afford the huge cost of health services in post war Liberia, the KL Foundation established the Community Health Center in March 2004. This health center is located in Ganta, Nimba County- a community severely affected by the Liberian civil conflict, with a population of over 35,000 people with limited health facilities. Women and children, the most vulnerable groups in our society, are especially in need of health services. The KL Foundation community health  is focused on providing health services to these  rural communities located in the northern part of Liberia. Since its inception, the Health Center has been providing desperately needed health services to a large population that is unable to afford the escalating costs of medical treatment. The KL Foundation has been interceding for those less fortunate by administering curative and primary health care, maternal child health treatment, health education and treatment, immunization, and HIV/AIDS counseling and awareness. In addition, Center is committed to the training of local health workers within 143 catchments the communities.

With services fully center around women and children health, the center’s objectives are :

  • Providing low and affordable health care to family without the means of health access in rural Liberia.
  • Immunizing women and children against deadly preventive diseases.
  • Educating and  creating awareness on the prevent of life threatening diseases, such as malaria, HIV, diarrhea, diabetes and hypertension
  • Conducting hygiene and sanitation outreaches in catchments communities

Providing access to reductive health services and prevention for rural women

  • We work in 143 catchments communities in rural Liberia
  • Training rural community health workers to monitor community health activities, report epidemic out break and implement prompt referral sick patients program.

Recent community health data reports that malaria, diarrhea, cholera, and other easily preventable diseases claim the lives of hundreds of women and children in this community and the surrounding communities each year. With the assistance , partnership and contribution of ordinary people like you, the KL Foundation Health Center hopes to stop the death of so many people to preventable disease.

Women Bringing their Children at the Center to be immunized

(Some of the 3,000 women and children being vaccinated and given mosquito nets from in and around Ganta) .

community health awareness on prevention is gain grounds as mother take of their own lives and that of their children in the hands. During immunization campaign, hundreds of co community women standing and waiting  in the long lines  to receive vaccines for they and their children.


Community Diabetes and Hypertension  

Diabetes and hypertension were considered to be the work of the evil spirit when community member is sick with either of them, at first, the community nor the nurse had any clue on the mood of transmission or the control and management of the diseases

But today , the myth is gradually being dismiss because of constant education and  awareness in the communities on diabetes and hypertension.

The KLF Impact International Health Center is staffed with two registered nurses, one midwife nurse, one laboratory technician, and scores of clinicians. A total staff strength of 18 persons. Indeed  sometimes operational expense can be a serious problem. As a charity, we depend on the support of  good will individuals to support those initiatives.

Partnership is key to achieving our health goal and objectives.