KLF Impact-Corps
Impact–Corps is specifically designed for professionals who want to contribute their time and talent to international development projects. Like our international internship program, Impact-Corps participants will have a fully immersive experience working alongside community members as they contribute their expertise to the mission of one of our community interventions in Liberia. Program duration can vary from two weeks to six months. Applicants must have four or more years of work experience, and match the qualifications sought by KLF Impact International overseas program.

KLF Impact-Corps international volunteering program is a unique opportunity for professionals to apply their skills to address pressing global and local issues around the world. This is a hands-on, intense, immersive program that allows professionals to work alongside local grassroots leaders, using their skills and expertise to contribute to priority community projects while also gaining a new perspective and experiencing a new culture.

Who Can Be an Impact- Corps Volunteer?
Impact-Corps volunteers are professionals with five or more years of experience who have skills and expertise sought after by grassroots community organizations. There are opportunities for a broad range of disciplines and skills. Past Impact- Corps volunteers have been corporate professionals, educators and public administrators, business owners, social workers, health professionals, nonprofit managers, and retirees to name a few. They are individuals with expertise in various areas who provide training, ideas, and support to local leaders who are committed to making positive changes in their community.

What Do Impact-Corps Volunteers Do?
KLF Impact-Corps volunteers apply a wide range of skills that bring a knowledgeable, outside perspective to ongoing issues that the community faces. Although grassroots communities have great knowledge and strengths related to their needs and community, they often have limited access to the specialized skill sets and perspectives that Impact-Corps volunteers can bring. KLF Impact International helps each volunteer find an opportunity where his or her skills could really add value. For example, volunteers with engineering backgrounds have worked on rainwater harvesting and solar power projects. Others have worked with entrepreneurs and nonprofits on business or marketing strategies to help improve the financial sustainability of their work. Impact-Corps volunteers with experience as coaches or teachers have trained teachers to develop curriculum or designed culturally-relevant leadership development workshops. Another area Impact-Corps volunteers contribute is in the strengthening of the organization overall, in areas like human resources, computer skills, accounting and Finance, or proposal writing. 

Impact- Corps Overview
Impact-Corps volunteering provides an opportunity for professionals to work directly with a local grassroots organization and apply their specific skill-set to address a community need. The program can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 1 year. The more time a participant can commit, the greater the impact can be. This program is unique in the high level of project customization for each participant based on their background and interests. Although KLF Impact International posts project that community organizations have identified as priorities for volunteers, these project descriptions are the starting point for a customized experience., experienced volunteers often come with unique skills that bring new knowledge and build the capacity of the organization in ways they did not imagine before, so the projects implemented by volunteers evolve to blend volunteer skills with organizational priorities.

Discussions and preparation for the experience start well before the in-country program. When you apply to the program, you will identify those project opportunities that feel like the best fit with your skills and interests. KLF Impact International staff with in-depth knowledge of the community development organizations will then interview you to assess your best fit and may recommend to you other project opportunities that you had not previously considered. Once you have been accepted and placed, we will share advice on how to prepare to make the most of your time in the country. After pick up at the local airport, the in-country program begins with a brief orientation led by the local KLF Impact International site team. This orientation covers theory (including an introduction to KLF Impact International's asset-based community development model) and day-to-day details (such as safety and how to navigate the local transit system), and cultural integration.

Impact-Corps volunteers work closely with their host organizations to apply their skills and immerse themselves in the community. Although we expect that Impact-Corps volunteers will be able to work with more independence than our younger participants, you will still have regular check-ins and support from our field team. The application of your skills in a new cultural context will require a different approach to align with local customs and norms. Therefore, even seasoned professionals must prioritize listening and learning from the community and local site team as a first step in building a successful project.

The overall focus of all KLF Impact International programs is always on community involvement, sustainability, and effectiveness. A crucial aspect of each project is ensuring it aligns with the local culture, values, and priorities, as well as skills transfer, meaning the volunteer provides organization and community members with the knowledge needed to make sure the new contributions will be sustained, lasting long after the volunteer returns home.

TIMELINE: Impact-Corps volunteers can choose a program length of 2 weeks to one year. This means that each program is unique depending on the time one can commit. Those volunteering for 2-4 weeks must be prepared to “hit the ground running” after orientation to integrate into the community, listen to their priorities, and learn about the organization’s work. This way they can apply their skills as soon as possible in the most effective and culturally appropriate way. Those volunteering for an extended amount of time can devote more time to the various stages of their project and make adjustments along the way.

As with all KLF Impact international programs, participants should expect circumstances, priorities, and realities to be different from what they may have imagined. Development work requires flexibility and the ability to deal with uncertainty. The ability balance slowing down with quick and proactive thinking will be a huge strength.


KLF Impact International has sites in the 15 counties in Liberia. Each county is unique in its culture, history, and sustainable development emphases. Our partners across all our sites are committed to strengthening their local communities, and we support them in accomplishing their unique missions. Our site teams at each site actively build relationships with host families and community partners to facilitate safe, culturally immersive, and developmentally impactful programs.

All KLF Impact International program sites support work on a wide variety of issues including;

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Capacity-Building
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Women empowerment
  • Human Rights
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Water & Sanitation

During the application process, you will be able to select programs to suit your skills and interest areas.


The program fee covers all the in-country costs of your program, including the following items:

  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Airport pick-up
  • Program orientation
  • Volunteer placement
  • Accommodation
  • Meals


Number of Weeks Amount
1 $1,500
2 $2,000
3 $2,500
4 $3,000
5 $3,250
6 $3,500
7 $3,750
8 $4,000
9 $5,545
10 $5,795
11 $6,045
12 $6,295
13 $6,495
14 $6,695
15 $6,895
16 $7,095
17 $7,295
18 $7,495
19 $7,695
20 $7,895
21 $8,095
22 $8,295
23 $8,495
24 $8,695
25 $8,895
26 $9,095
27+ Add $150 for each additional week up to 56 weeks.


Number of Week Amount
1 $1,500
2 $2,000
3 $2,500
4 $3,000
5 $3,250
6 $3,500
7 $3,750
8 $4,000
9 $4,991
10 $5,216
11 $5,441
12 $5,666
13 $5,846
14 $6,026
15 $6,206
16 $6,386
17 $6,566
18 $6,746
19 $6,926
20 $7,106
21 $7,286
22 $7,466
23 $7,646
24 $7,826
25 $8,006
26 $8,186
27+ Add $150 for each additional week up to 56 weeks.


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LIBERIA OFFICE: +231777111734
BASELINE PHONE: +1 (267) 452-0943