The Bethany Youth Rescue Mission School is a component of the Kingdom Love  Foundation Impact International (KLF Impact International Inc) educational program whose objective  is to provide quality education to the Youth of Liberia. KL Foundation Impact International is Liberia and USA based, registered non-profit organization providing professional humanitarian services to African Immigrants in the USA, and health, education and community empowerment services in Liberia, West Africa.

Bethany Goal:

“Transforming, Developing and Empowering the Mind and Spirit”. It is our goal to provide quality educational program that leads to college or university, while at the same time, positively transforming, developing, and empowering the mind and spirit of the Liberian Youth.


Creating the Educational Environment that addresses the need for self empowerment through basic skills training and secondary education.

Core Values:

Bethany Youth Rescue Mission School as an educational program of the KL Foundation Impact International is fundamentally influenced by christian principles and values. It has developed its core values called the Six Fundamental Rights of Bethany :

  1. Right Relationship – We will seek to bring students into a proper relationship with God through evangelism and discipleship. Bethany purpose in this context is to cultivate  christian community in fellowship with God.
  2. Right Living – We will teach and follow the Word of God as our final authority and prayerfully seek direction from it, so that we may grow in  wisdom and in the likeness of Christ.
  3. Right Attitude – We will commit to and lead our students in attitudes that value excellence, initiative, curiosity, service, compassion, and life -long learning.
  4. Right Thinking – We will seek clarity of thinking, and teach students to think rationally, logically, creatively, critically, and with discernment.
  5. Right Communication – we will seek to be effectively communicators, and guide our students to be literate, coherent, and communicate effectively through speaking and writing.
  6. Right Action – We will teach students to seek and apply God’s truth to their lives, thereby empowering them to live lives of integrity and good stewardship.


Skills Training:

It is Bethany’s philosophy that skills training together with basic secondary education provide a very solid  sustainable foundation for youth who are found in  developing economy. Therefore, Bethany Youth Rescue Mission School will intend to  progressively introduce selected skills training in addition to its secondary educational program:

  1. Computer Training
  2. Sewing
  3. Auto Mechanic
  4. Masonry
  5. Carpentry

All students from 7th to 11th Grade will be expected to select and pursue a particular skill while at Bethany. Management will work will work the PTA to finalize training methodology and fees.

Extra Curriculum Activities:


  1. Foot Ball
  2. Kick Ball
  3. Valley Ball
  4. Basketball

Intellectual Club

  1. Reading and Language Arts
  2. History, Social Studies &Art
  3. Music Club
  4. Scripture Union Club
  5. Health Club
  6. Science and Mathematics Club

(Note: Every student is expected to be part of at least a Club).

Chapel Service:

In other to maintain a perfect relationship between the body and spirit, Bethany will conduct a regular Wednesday Chapel Service for its students and teachers. The said service will be compulsory for students and teachers and will be hosted from 11:30 -12:15 every Wednesday.

Bethany School Campus’s Location:

The Bethany Youth Rescue Mission School is located in the Toweh yard, Toweh community , Ganta City, Nimba County, Liberia – West Africa.