George is the Founder and the Executive Director of KL Foundation Impact International Inc, a humanitarian Organization dedicated to empowering people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice with emphasis on women and children.  George became overwhelmed by the sight of death and extreme poverty among refugees returning to Liberia in the late 90s during the first round of the Liberian Civil Unrest.  George set up relief efforts in remote areas in northern Liberia and was able to raised funds from USAID-LCIP, Africare and UNDP Liberia to further advance the organization and its mission.

George’s passion for humanity ultimately led him and KL Foundation Impact International team to deal with the long-term task of improving health and living conditions of the rural poor in northern Liberia. George led KL Foundation Impact International for over two decades, launching the KL Foundation Community Health Center in 2004 (providing curative and preventive health services, maternal and new born care, family planning management, management and treatment of STD/HIV, expanded program on immunization, treatment of malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, mal nutrition management and community awareness programs on hygiene promotion and effective water and sanitation programs), and Bethany Youth Rescue Mission in 2002 (addressing the educational needs of children through the provision of educational shelters and scholarships in rural settlements and urban slums).

George is married to Kou and both are blessed with four beautiful children: Pearl, Aria, Armstrong and George. George holds a Bachelor Degree from Nigeria, a Master degree from Liberia, and a candidate for the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Health/Health Care Administration USA.